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A followup in case anyone else ahs this problem and sees this. Apparently,
this is a known issue which can be resolved by uninstalling
"OutlookAddinSetup" via Add/Remove Programs.

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>> Brenda wrote:
>>> No, the original entry is non-recurring and is recorded on the calendar
>>> properly. Only when the entry is opened on the calendar and changed to
>>> a
>>> different date does the recurrence mysteriously become activated
>>> despite the
>>> recurrence control not being touched.
>> But when it becomes recurring - what is the date spam and pattern? Does
>> it change to 2 days - the orginial and the new one, or daily with no end
>> date?
> It gets set to weekly recurrence.
> So here's the pattern:
> 1. Person sends a New Meeting Request -- single day and time, no
> recurrence. It appears on the calendar just as it should. Everything is
> OK at this point.
> 2. Person later decides to change the meeting's day or time. They open
> the original entry on the calendar (from step #1 above) and changes the
> date and/or time and sends the update.
> 3. The meeting moves to the new location on the calendar OK except it has
> been changed into a weekly recurring event at the new day/time.