From: Michael Swain Michael on
Just downloaded and installed Lookeen at and it's
nice.. Looks and acts a lot like Lookout. The trial is free and then there's
a cost - I have not investigated that cost yet.


"Dave" wrote:

> Hi there,
> I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007 about a month ago. When I first
> started outlook I was saddened to find that my third party search utility,
> Lookout, would no longer work. Does anyone know if there's a good alternative
> to Lookout?
> I've given the built in search a fair chance, and I've even upgraded it by
> installing the windows desktop search utility. Unfortunately, I find that
> both are inadequate, and are not as good as the Lookout tool that I
> previously used.
> I tried the Google Desktop search for a while. That wasn't bad. However
> within 4 days it had created a 3 GB index file on my machine. That's a lot of
> disk space to just index my email.
> If anyone has suggestions, I'm open. I've seen a serious drop in
> productivity since installing Office 2007 and losing my search utililty.
> Thanks!
> - Dave