From: Robert Iles on
I have two windows 2003 servers. One is a Web Edition, the
second is a windows 2003 R2 standard edition.

I have IIS6 running on them, one for last 3 years, and the
later was just setup. I have make the II6 options on the
DEF WEB SITE the same and am using virtual folders under the
default site (ie // ) where the
default page of the vertual folder is default.asp.

The above configuration works fine on the Web Edition, and
shows the default page without any problems. On the windows
2003 R2 standard edition system, the access to the
192.168.1./virualfolder returns a 404 error - page cannot
be found. I'm sure there must be a policy setting change or
a group access added to the folder.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

bob iles