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There is a new release of the GWenerator.
What's new:
* Ada background or on-demand build
* A few improvements on supported controls

What is the GWenerator ?
With GWenerator you can design Graphical User Interfaces with various
existing software like Visual Studio or the free ResEdit (
), and program Windows applications in Ada using the GWindows object-
oriented library.

GWenerator produces Ada sources corresponding to dialogs and menus, as
a background task, as soon as a new design has been saved.
On request, it produces also a test application with all dialogs.
Optionally, it launches a new Ada build, automatically or on request.

The command-line equivalent tool, rc2gw, does the code generation on

Unlike some other GUI libraries, GWindows is Windows-only (at least
currently) - that the "minus" side.
So it is intended to target Windows-centric environments.
On the "plus" side, a GWindows application can hold in a single
A priori, there is no need to provide any run-time framework, toolkit,
dll, installation wizard or to worry about version conflicts, paths,
admin rights.
This makes the deployment of an application trivial or of minimal

The archive contains numerous examples and stress-tests downloaded
from Internet.
A pre-built version of GWindows is provided as well.
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