From: Nial Stewart on
A few years ago I designed a small prototype board to allow access to
an FPGA internal registers via a single bi-directional pin.

This replaces an RS232 type interface but is USB driven so removes the
need for external power supplies for level shifters etc.

This has been invaluable, I've used it with almost every board I have designed
over the last few years, so I have developed the prototype and have come up
with the 1 Pin Interface...

This allows easy access to an FPGAs status or control registers via a
simple Excel driven interface.

Any comments, questions or orders are welcome.


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From: Nial Stewart on

I've been emailed to say that some people are having problems with this.

This is based on a Tiddlywiki, a quick google shows that the Skype plug-in
breaks some wiki-sites. It's in the Skype bug list to be fixed.

If you do have any problems try disabling Skype to view it.

Hardly an auspicious start. :-(