From: Ilya Zakharevich on
On 2010-05-24, Peter J. Holzer <hjp-usenet2(a)> wrote:
> my $x1 = 18014398509481728.000000; # exact FP value
> my $x2 = 18014398509481729; # exact 64 bit int value
> if ($x1 >= $x2) {
> print "surprise!\n";
> }

Thinking about it more, it is not a "surprise", but just a plain bug.

It is trivial to write down a macro ncmp_IV_NV(iv,nv) which would do
the "correct thing" in both cases (powerful- and braindamaged-NVs).
So the fact that Perl does not use such a construct is a bug.

Hope this helps,