From: Golden California Girls on
Kenny McCormack wrote:
> I put in my /etc/hosts file:
> myhost
> Then I do: ping myhost
> and it works. But when I do: telnet myhost
> it says: myhost: No address associated with nodename
> Why? How to fix?
> Tested repeatedly over the course of about 10 minutes (because I know
> there is some latency in OSX where if you edit the Unix-y configuration
> files, the OS doesn't always pick up on it right away). In all tests,
> the ping worked but the telnet did not.
> Note: telnetting directly to works fine.

Just something out of left field. Try in single-user mode. Mac has a lot
of Unix stuff it ignores and does differently in multi-user than single-user.

From: Wayne C. Morris on
In article <i184bi$beu$3(a)>, Rick Jones <rick.jones2(a)>

> David Schwartz <davids(a)> wrote:
> > On Jul 8, 5:58?am, gaze...(a) (Kenny McCormack) wrote:
> > > I put in my /etc/hosts file:
> > >
> > > ? myhost
> Interesting that the '?' appeared when David was quoting Kenny's post.
> Makes me wonder if there are some "strange" characters in the
> /etc/hosts file. Carefully retyping the line might be a worthwhile
> experiment.

No, Kenny's message only contained a tab character between the IP address and
the name. David replied via Google, which, being web-based, substituted regular
and non-breaking spaces to preserve the spacing. It did the same for double
spaces too.
From: David Schwartz on
On Jul 9, 5:57 am, gaze...(a) (Kenny McCormack) wrote:

> >
> has nothing to do with my question.   Thanks.

Sorry, I pasted the wrong link.