From: David Kaye on
"Buffalo" <Eric(a)> wrote:

>Try renaming mbam.exe to something different such as cand.exe or
> or another .exe or .com and see if it will run?
>Mbam.exe is the malwarebytes program executable which can be found in the
>Malwarebytes' Anti-malware folder under Program Files or similar.

In my experience that doesn't often work. If the malware is excluding that
program then it's usually via some other mechanism such as file size, not the
file name. But usually the entire EXE extension is redirected, so few things
will work anyway. The EXE file association must usually be reset (best in
safe mode).

From: Buffalo on

Bill wrote:
> Poor and essentially useless advice. Thanks for playing, now move
> along.

I hope you really aren't as big an arrogant A-hole as you seem.