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By the way, aren't you the one that said there are two parts to a wire less
one being a dangle 'TRANSMITTER'? The part that plugs into the USB port.?
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> : That can only be MSE.
> You've got to be kidding.

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I used AVAST Free Edition for awhile then decided to upgrade to the
paid version and purchased a one year subscription.
Oddly, AVAST went nearly a year before reporting it had found a virus
or other malware only within the last weeks of the subscription
expiration date.
When I clicked on the buy another year of protection it did not take
me to a place where subscribing was possible.
The malware/virus AVAst bells and sirens announced finding was the
paid version of SuperAntiSpyware!
That and the last minute finding of "malware" was enough to cost
AVAST a customer.

I removed AVAST, tested the free version of Avira a few weeks and then
bought the paid version.
I find the Avira interface easier for me to understand and use than

There are plenty of good anti-virus programs, free or not, so pick one
you like and one that gets good reviews by different sources.