From: Rich Matheisen [MVP] on
On Thu, 13 May 2010 02:26:39 -0700 (PDT), Alan <bruguy(a)>

>I need to create 3 query-based distribution lists (QBDL) which target:
>1. all users in dept x = 300 addresses;
>2. all users in dept x which are permanent employees = 200 addresses;
>3. all users in dept x which are contractors = 100 addresses.
>The good news is that all this information is in AD (populated by
>MIIS). The bad news is that we still have some Outlook 2002 clients.
>Am I correct that Outlook 2002 clients don't even see QBDLs in the
>GAL? That's what my testing indicates.
>If so, can QBDLs be access in another way, e.g., by just sending a
>message to their e-mail address instead of selecting them from the
>GAL? Will they expand normally in this case?


>Otherwise, should I create 3 normal, static DLs, then schedule a
>script to populate them each day? Any other suggestions welcome too.

If what you say is true (and I have no way of knowing becasue I don't
have OL2002 anywhere) then just create a regular Universal DL and make
the QBDL a member of it.
Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP