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Glennbo wrote:
> The killer robot "Rick Paul" <rickpaul(a)> grabbed the
> controls of the spaceship and pressed these buttons...
>>>> If I want to use my Timeworks plugs I just run the 32 bit version of
>>>> SONAR.
>>> That would drive me totally nuts. I use at least ten instances of
>>> the Timeworks CompressorX and EQ in every song I do. My drums are
>>> pre-mixed in
>>> my default templates in both Sonar and Reaper with about five of
>>> each. CompressorX is my absolute favorite brickwall limiter, and I
>>> sure wouldn't even think about losing it to more bits.
>> Not that you're actually considering upgrading to SONAR x64 anyway,
>> but, as I said in my response to Dave, the CompressorX plug-in works
>> just fine in SONAR 8.5.2 x64 via the DX Shell wrapper, which turns it
>> into a VST plug-in.
> Does the plugin still appear to the DAW host as the same plugin? IOW, if
> you loaded up a song that was done three years ago, with all the wrappers
> and bridges in-between your DAW and plugins, will the song load up without
> any error messages about plugins? Not that I'm going 64 bit any time soon.
I just loaded an old project and I got a message about the plugins being
missing. That was because the project was looking for the DX version of
Timeworks EQ and now it is a VST.

So if you are going to bounce back and forth from 64 bit to 32 bit
versions of SONAR it would be a pain in the backside because you would
have to constantly flip back and forth from DX to DX/VST converted
versions of the plug or save two versions of the project. Naaaahhhhh,
not going to happen.

I think I will just use my 64 bit SONAR for new projects. I'll keep a
32 bit version of S8.3.1 to use for old projects and to test 32 bit
versions of Toontrack products.

Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette
From: "Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette" on
I just deleted all the converted plugs that were already a part of SONAR
64 or were Sonic Foundry plugs. (I never had much luck using SF plugs
in SONAR.)

I was somewhat disappointed to see that my old Autotune version is now
unusable still. I was running a BTO version (I have the regular version
disks bought from Studio Cat IIRC, in my closet so don't beat me up) but
even with tpkd.sys not installed it still doesn't work. Oh well, I've
nearly always use V-Vocal for that kind of work now anyway.

Just for future needs, is there a way to do a single DX plugin in case I
run across a DX that I need?

Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette
From: John Braner on
On 22/01/2010 19:34, Rick Paul wrote:

> You can't save them within the plug-in's preset menu, but you can use the
> Save/Load Bank facility in the file menu to save them on hard disk as .FXB
> files, which I believe are generic VST plug-in preset banks. I just tried
> that with dB-M and dB-L, and it worked in both cases.

It definitely doesn't work on the multiband limiter - for me anyway. I can save a fxp file, but when
I load one, nothing happens.

The weird thing is - there are some presets there, and you can choose from them - but you can't save
(or load) a new one

John Braner

From: "Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette" on
Rick Paul wrote:
> "Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette" <dmodisette(a)> wrote in message
> Not sure what BTO means here (used to mean Bachman-Turner Overdrive to me at
> one point),

> Rick

BTO stands for "better than original". IOW, when someone in the
newsgroup heard that I was having a problem with Autotune several SONAR
versions ago and (for whatever reason it was) tpkd.sys was the problem,
they sent me a version with the PACE protection removed. I just used
the "better than original" version from then on.

Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette
From: Kraig Olmstead on
This is the post you were referring to, I'm sure.

The thing that I found is worth noting is that Cakewalk installs VST's
under the "Program Files (x86)" tree. So I copied DXShell etc. there
for them to create the VSTs. Unfortunately, Win7 (rightfully) won't let
an application write to that folder (i.e. the "DX" folder it tries to
create) so the process fails. Be sure that you are working somewhere
with lower permissions.


Rick Paul wrote:
> "Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette" <dmodisette(a)> wrote in message
> news:4b58eb22$0$4972$9a6e19ea(a)
>> I never could get it to work so I gave up. If I want to use my Timeworks
>> plugs I just run the 32 bit version of SONAR. I'm a little reluctant to
>> run that adapter anyhow for fear that it will cause problems.
> Dave, I had no problem with DX Shell and DXi Shell for Direct X and DXi
> plug-ins, respectively. The Timeworks plug-ins from SONAR 2.2 XL were among
> those that are working fine with DX Shell. Tassman 3 DX and DreamStation
> are both working with DXi Shell.
> There are a few ways to use these, but the easy way for me was to create a
> separate directory, not in the VST path, where you keep the DX/DXi/MFX Shell
> stuff, including the SHELL2VST.EXE program. Then, if you want to convert
> your DirectX plugins, just drag dxshell.dll on top of shell2vst.exe, and it
> will create a subdirectory called DX with wrapped DLLs. Then you just copy
> or move the wrapped DLLs into a directory (or different directories, if you
> prefer for organization purposes) under your VST path. Start SONAR x64
> again to let it scan, and, with luck, you are in business.
> I say, "with luck," because some plug-ins ended up being hopeless, mostly
> ones from Antares with PACE InterLok protection. I also had some challenges
> scanning Waves plug-ins (RennMaxx with iLok protection), but that was a case
> of where it seemed it could only scan a few at a time, so I had to move just
> a few in the VST path, let SONAR scan, move a few more in, let SONAR scan
> again, and so on until all the Waves plug-ins were scanned. After that,
> they worked just fine. In fact, with the Waves plug-ins, I could not get
> those working under VST with BitBridge for whatever reason, so the Direct X
> ones actually ended up working better, with a wrapper than the VST versions.
> I have not even installed the 32-bit version of SONAR on my system. There
> are a few plug-ins I ultimately could not get running properly with
> BitBridge and SONAR x64, but other than ones that I also couldn't get
> working properly in general (e.g. under 32-bit Ableton Live on the same
> system), those ended up being plug-ins I could easily live without.
> FWIW, the plug-ins I am currently running under DX Shell are:
> Cakewalk FX3 Soundstage
> dB-Audioware dynamics processor suite (I.e. dB-D, etc.)
> DSP FX suite (not the Cakewalk versions of the same plug-ins, such as
> FxReverb, which I did not bother trying, but noted someone else had gotten
> working through DX Shell)
> iZotope Ozone 3 (but with some issues in control values)
> iZotope Trash
> TimeWorks CompressorX and Equalizer
> Waves RennMaxx suite
> I also converted the Sony Sound Forge effects, but some of those had issues
> similar to the one Ozone was having, and I ultimately decided I wouldn't be
> likely to use those anyway, so why clutter up my menu. The Sonalksis
> plug-ins also converted okay, but I am running the VST versions of those
> under BitBridge, so there is no need for the DX versions.
> With DXi Shell, I am current running:
> DreamStation DXi
> Tassman 3
> Rick
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