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>Dear Resident Pretend-Photographer DSLR-Troll,


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>RichA wrote:
>> Teleconverters as screw-on auxiliary lenses for P&S's are generally
>> junk. In order to properly cover the FOV of a superzoom, they have to
>> be hugely large and heavy, in some cases heavier than a lens used on a
>> DSLR. In addition, the optical match between superzoom camera lenses
>> and the converters is poor because they are basically a huge
>> compromise over a specific DSLR lens meant to reach a certain focal
>> length. The result is as expected, blurred edge detail, horrible
>> chromatic aberration, annoying residual spherical aberration and a
>> general slowdown in the already slow responsivity of all P&S's,
>> especially the glacially-slow and often inaccurate focusing of a
>> superzoom at full zoom. In addition, when they are built to the
>> physical size needed to properly (or sort of properly) cover the FOV,
>> their cost is high.
>All very true. The other issue here is that the FZ-35 is already a
>super-zoom, 27-486mm. It was one thing when you had a P&S with a 35-140
>lens to want to add more telephoto or more wide-angle, but let's be
>practical here. You've already got a lens on the FZ-35 which is a
>tremendous compromise, and you don't want to make things worse with a
>screw-on converter with it's lack of optical matching between the
>element of the camera lens and the converter lens. Autofocus is
>compromised when you add these converters, and manual focusing on a P&S
>is not nearly as accurate as on an SLR.
>I can definitely see the appeal of the FZ-35 with it's wide focal range,
>though personally the compromises in such a camera are not something I'd
>want to put up with. If I'm going to carry something that large it'll be
>an SLR. When I don't want to carry an SLR I have an SD800 with it's 28mm
>(at the wide end lens), and the kids have their A570 IS's. With CHDK
>installed they're very capable point and shoot cameras, but they're
>still P&S cameras with all their limitations. I'm a big fan of CHDK, and
>I've authored a good bit of the documentation, but unfortunately it
>doesn't turn a P&S into a D-SLR.

The same way you have experience with and authored this documentation?