From: lupis on
I am using Access 2007. The problem is that my append query for the subform
not updating the online SQL Server table called dbo_Actions_local. The apend
query for the main form though is updating the online table called
I am not getting any errror messages when I fire the event. First the query
the mainform is fired with a OpenQuery action and then the one for the

I have two append quries that are connected to a form, the main form also
includes a subform.

I will explain the structure of my tables.
Local tables:
Contacts (PK=ID)
Actions_local(PK=AID, FK=ID)

Online SQL Server tables:
dbo_Contacts (PK=ID)
dbo_Actions_local(PK=AID, FK=ID)

Masterform (Contact Details)
Subform in Contact Details (frmActions)

I am able to update the main form with a append query to the online SQL
table, but not the subform.

The sql for the main form is:
INSERT INTO dbo_Contacts ( ID, FirstName, LastName )
SELECT Contacts.ID, Contacts.FirstName, Contacts.LastName
FROM Contacts
WHERE (((Contacts.ID)=[Forms]![Contact Details].[ID]));

The sql for the subfrom is:
INSERT INTO dbo_Actions_local ( AID, ActionDate, Stock, ID )
SELECT Actions_local.AID, Actions_local.ActionDate, Actions_local.Stock,
FROM Contacts INNER JOIN Actions_local ON Contacts.ID=Actions_local.ID
WHERE (((Actions_local.AID)=[Forms]![Contact Details]![frmActions].[Form]!
AND ((Actions_local.ID)=[Contacts].[ID]))

Both queries are executed with the same event with each OpenQuery action in a
macro for the On Click event of a button