From: Maikku on
I moved Advanced Queuing tables and queues to another database (10g2
like the former) with expdb (user). I created a new dblink which seems
to be fine. I started the queues and propagated them. But the queues
won't propagate. If I query DBA_QUEUE_SCHEDULES there are no errors
and schedule_disabled = N, but total_time and total_number are null.
Job-numbers are fine. JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES = 10 and I changed also
AQ_TM_PROCESSES to 5, although this shouldn't be necessary.
Consumer_name and address seems to be okay in AQ$<QUEUETABLE>, they
haven't changed, since the link is using the short name. The db_domain
changed, so the long name of the link is now different but the link
works fine with the long and the short name. I have already dropped
the queues and created the whole thing from a scratch, but it still
won't work. The database is enqueing fine from the other database
(which hasn't changed), but the dequeue doesn't happen.

From the troubleshooting AQ-document:

To check if propagation is occurring, monitor the DBA_QUEUE_SCHEDULES
view for the number of messages propagated (TOTAL_NUMBER).

result: TOTAL_NUMBER is null

If propagation is not occurring, check the view for any errors. Also
see if propagation is scheduled for a later time, perhaps due to
errors or the way it is set up.

result: NEXT_RUN_DATE, NEXT_RUN_TIME are null, but no errors

Unfortunately the document won't say, what to do after this. Maybe You
can ??

Thanks in advance !