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refresh stats problem
Oracle enterprise on windows I wanted to rebuild stats on server b ( copy ) from a saved table on server b Note:- stats have been exported into HIMSDBA.STATTAB On server B 1) CREATE TABLE LIVE.CJBTAB AS SELECT * FROM HIMSDBA.STATTAB(a)SERVERA WHERE D1 < TO_DATE('15/07/2010','DD/MM/YYYY') AND STA... 11 Aug 2010 09:14
Problem with network access Oracle 10g
Hello folks I�m trying to find a solution for a strange problem. First, let me say that my knowledge of Oracle is almost nil. I�m the local Windows tech support, am am trying to help the Oracle admins to fix this. We have a Oracle 10g server which was set up in a fixed IP Windows 2003 server (call it server1... 13 Aug 2010 10:16
Not that Tom Kyte has a patent on the name asktom, but...
....does this strike anyone else as cheesy as it does me? http://www.asktom.cz/ ... 10 Aug 2010 15:47
Database 32-bit on win 64-bit
Hi, Is a database 32-bit certified on a win 64-bit OS It seems not but the certification matrix is not clear about tis have you any clue ? Thanks ... 10 Aug 2010 15:47
some questions about 11gR2
All, I just upgraded to 11gR2. But now voting disk and ocr are all in ASM. How do i do voting disk backup? We used to use dd to backup voting disk, now i got [oracle(a)testrac1 ~]$ crsctl query css votedisk ## STATE File Universal Id File Name Disk group -- ---------------------------------------------------... 9 Aug 2010 15:39
problems w/ external files
Hi, I tried this over in the 'misc' oracle group w/o result - I'm hoping somebody here might see something going on. several problems with external tables (on a PC w/ Oracle 10g downloaded - I'm running Vista Home Premium - yes I know this isn' t exactly the right op sys but everything seems fine up til now -... 9 Aug 2010 13:25
Patch set re-release
Looks like Oracle f*cked up and re-released patch set for Linux 32-bit? https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1156958.1 ... 9 Aug 2010 08:59
Patchset installation woes on Windows (2k)
Hello out there, this weekend I installed patchset on our production system anfter having patched the development system on thursday. I want to point out some of the pitfalls i came upon. Maybe this helps others to circumvent them. Most of them are most likely mentioned in the release notes but real prog... 9 Aug 2010 13:25
Sr Developer ,SFO
Title :- Java/J2EE - Sr Developer Locationv :- SFO Durtation :- 3 Months+ JDK 1.5, JSP, Servlet, Struts 2.0 or above, Oracle 10g, PL SQL, Please send your updated resume to jobs(a)mapleresource.net ... 6 Aug 2010 18:10
Oracle 11g binaries and different Sun architectures: sun4u and sun4v
Hi, Are the Oracle 11g binaries installed on our v890 (sun4u architecture, Solaris 10) the same as the Oracle binaries on a T2000 (sun4v architecture, Solaris 10)? Background We want to use our current v890's system disks to create a "duplicate" environment on a T2000. We use "flar's" for this purpose all t... 6 Aug 2010 12:39
Hyperion Financial management (HFM), Jersey City, NJ
Title: Hyperion Financial management (HFM) Location: Jersey City, NJ Duration: 6 Months Minimum Required Skills: HFM Architect, Hyperion, Metadata, Business Rule Logic, VB Scripting, FDM, Oracle PL/SQL, SmartView Templates, Web Data Entry Forms, HFM Data Grids, HFM, SOX Controls HFM Architect - Hyperion -... 5 Aug 2010 14:38
100% without investment online part time jobs..(adsense,datawork,neobux..more jobs)
100% without investment….no registration fee…no need money… Online part time jobs…(googleadsense, dataentry…etc)all type of jobs… work from home..daily 2-3 hours…earn more money without any risk.. Full details at http://adsensejobworkfulldetails.co.cc/ More adsense tips,secrets,increasing money ,seo..a... 5 Aug 2010 01:35
Block Corruption in empty pages in Oracle 11g
I am using Oracle on HP UNIX 11i. On several occasions, I have been seen that block corruptions are reported by rman. I have never seen this problem in previous release of databases; but I have seen it more than once in Oracle 11g. However, when I run dbv command; I do not see any corruption in data and... 7 Aug 2010 14:44
OCI protocol specification, where?
Where can I find a specification of the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) protocol? (And is it correct that most (if not all) APIs, e.g. ODBC, to connect to an Oracle database ends up sending OCI with to the server?) Thanks a lot! ... 8 Aug 2010 16:42
Distinct values
I have recently had a conversation with an Oracle support engineer who told me that, when analyzing VARCHAR2 columns, Oracle only counts the first 32 characters. I checked the statement and it is true: SQL> create table test1(col varchar2(40)); Table created. Elapsed: 00:00:00.07 SQL> insert into test1 va... 5 Aug 2010 21:22
Starting Oracle Net Listener...forever!? Oracle XE
Hi I reinstalled my database Oracle XE and now when I run it /etc/init.d/oracle-xe start, It hangs for a few minutes on : "Starting Oracle Net Listener... " and when trying to connectto database i get ORA-12505: TNS: listener could not resolve SID given in connection description. Any ideas ? ... 6 Aug 2010 06:03
Need example for 11g's new response file db_install.rsp
I download oracle software from otn.oracle.com Trying to install 11g 32 bit oracle , I download disk1 and disk2. My question is , now the db_install.rsp is the "new response file" for installing oracle software?? In the past, I used enterprise.rsp. Also there is 2 disk2, one is disk1 and one is disk2, n... 4 Aug 2010 20:09
about good SSH tools with FTP function
Hi, I still new in oracle world. I had a basic question..about what kind of tools DBA used to access oracle server to do their daily job. I start doing some oracle admin work.. I also need ftp the files from my desktop to Unix server from time to time.. is there any good tools which could do both SSH and FTP ? ... 7 Aug 2010 23:24
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