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Kindly add me in your Distribution List
Hi, Greetings!!! Trust you are doing great !!! Kindly add me in you distribution list vikas(a) Regards Vikas ... 7 Jul 2010 21:11
Illegal option for "ALTER SYSTEM"???
This is on Linux x86-64: SQL> alter system set events='1013 trace name context off' scope=both sid='*'; alter system set events='1013 trace name context off' scope=both sid='*' * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02065: illegal option for ALTER SYSTEM What... 7 Jul 2010 12:21
Internal imp errors importing 8.1.7 dump file on 10.2
Make sure you transfer your dump file in BINARY mode from the AIX server to the Windows server. I've been bitten a couple times in the past by not enabling BINARY prior to an FTP when dealing with two very different machines. ... 6 Jul 2010 10:01
Can you SNMP query OEM?
I would like to monitor multiple Oracle systems with a 3rd party product. The 3rd party product has the capability to SNMP query/walk OIDs at specified IP address(es). My question is - do I need to query each Oracle server? Or can I install OEM and just quey the one OEM server? I realise you could setup OEM to s... 4 Jul 2010 20:59
Energy Saving Tips
1. Reduce heater's room temperature For each extra degree (Celsius) of temperature, your heater will consume 7 to 11% more energy. Adjust it to 18degrees which is also better for your health. 2. Install a programmable thermostat You will be able to control the heater's temperature during specific hours every day... 3 Jul 2010 15:40
Please help to put 2 Linux/Oracle VMs into a H/A cluster
Hi. Before providing new release of our product to a customer I would like to test it in the conditions it could face on a production environment. So, I'm thinking how to create/configure a high- availability cluster of 2 Linux/Oracle VMs. Thus, as a source we have: 1) VmWare VirtualMachine with CentOS Linux... 4 Jul 2010 12:15
Impdp - Full Database
Hi there. I'm using impdp to import a full database. Everything seemed to go well, except that the sequences didn't seem to match the old db. There are numerous schema owners and lots of dependencies. I was hoping to bring the database across in one go but I was wondering if anyone can recommend the steps... 4 Jul 2010 17:43
Tracing the given client id
I executed the following code: 1 begin 2 DBMS_MONITOR.CLIENT_ID_TRACE_ENABLE( 3 client_id => 'Insight', 4 waits => TRUE, 5 binds => False); 6* end; SQL> / There aren't any trace files. I also enabled statistics collection but all the stats are zero. The database is, L... 3 Jul 2010 16:46
SQL alteration
All, Just one questions. ( I know Oracle is not written this way... but wanted to see the thread users response/comments ) Session #1 from client 1 : -------------------------------------- issues the following: select * from T; Is there any way this SQL can be intercepted in backend and a filter is ... 3 Jul 2010 00:28
spool command in sql plus
I would like to pass a variable into a spool command so that a different report is created depending on the time of the create The pseudo code would be @1=name || || to_char ( date etc ) spool @1 Does anyone know how I can achieve this using pl/sql & or substition variables My aim is to timestamp th... 2 Jul 2010 05:49
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