From: W. eWatson on
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W. eWatson wrote:
> I've had a 1TB FreeAgent drive for 3 months and have used it very
> mostly, but now as I transfer files and folders to a new machine have
> used it more and it's working fine. However, when I first bought it, I
> was surprised to find that it had 4 little plastic feet to support it in
> a flat position. They fall off easily. There is, as far as I know, no
> on/off switch. This strikes me as something that was cheaply built,
> which started me wondering if the innards might not so great. Of course,
> maybe there's a solution to the feet, and the on/off switch. Maybe the
> latter is really obscured.
> Interestingly, when I asked the people where I bought it, they had no
> idea how to mount the feet, neither did Seagate when I talked with their
> tech people on a different matter. Glue anyone? Should have talked to
> them both about the switch. Comments?