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> thanatoid wrote:
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> Why did you multi-post this to a win-98 group? Are you not
> capable of cross-posting?

It would seem not, read on...

> Where else did you multi-post this to?

Sigh... I apologize - but IME eternalseptember will not process
cross-posted messages. It would /not/ send them on the two
occasions I tried it previously.

Only 4 groups: 24hr, m.p.w98.gen_discussion, and a.c.i.virus-
worm - plus this one, of course.

Now, about my problem... ;-)

You know, that viruses never really sleep
And that hackers never blink their eyes
And that, you know, cats are the only ones who blush
And that the fuckin' web... is just to die
- thanatoid (with /profound/ apologies to Lou Reed)