From: Rick Rothstein on
If your ranges were all of equal length, you could do it with a simple
formula, but I'm guessing your ranges are not of equal size because you
can't start the way you show (starting at I,H and end up at A) given 0 to
0.25 is I and 0.26 to 0.50 is H. Can you show us all of your actual ranges
and their letter assignments?

Rick (MVP - Excel)

"Reno" <Reno(a)> wrote in message
> want to assign a letter or number based on calculated value (much like a
> grading scale.) If calc value is:
> .0 to .25= I
> .26 to .50= H
> .
> .
> .
> final one >5.1 =A
> can you do as an array beside doing the If > and < formula
> thx