From: Itay Menashe on
I have problem with one of my email that I got occasionally.
This Email contains regular PDF attachment (Without Password).
For some reason the size of the email is 1000KB, but there no indicate for
the PDF file inside the email!
When I forward this email from my outlook to my Gmail I got it right (With
the PDF file)!
So, when I forward it back from my Gmail to my outlook, then I can see the
disappearing PDF file!
I'm using Exchange 2007 on sbs2008. Before the upgrade from sbs2003
everything works fine.
By the way, I try to check if I can see the PDF from the OWA and I got the
same results.
I got PDF attachment without any problem from other senders except this one.
I marked the sender as trusted and his Domain in the white list.

Thanks in advance,