From: captedgar on
Hi there

I'm trying to automate the following set of tasks using a batch file.
This is kind of a software rollout to about 100 odd servers through
batch file.
Doing this manually takes me about 3-4 hours to complete. This is also
introduces the risk of human errors which i want to avoid
The following are the set of manual tasks which i want to do it via
batch file

1. Log onto the server 1
2. Set environmental path i.e. set PATH=%SystemRoot%
3. Change dir i.e. cd "c:\Program Files\Folder1\Software1"
4. Unregister Software1.dll using regasm command i.e.
regasm /u /tlb SoftwareComp1.dll
5. Remove Software1 using Add/Remove Programs
6. Open the following folder on a shared drive i.e
7. Copy Software2.exe and Software2Addin.exe to Server1
8. Install the above two .exe's on Server1
9. Set environmental path i.e. set PATH=%SystemRoot%
10. Change dir i.e. cd "c:\Program Files\Folder1\Software2"
11. Register Software2.dll using regasm command i.e. regasm /tlb
12. Log out of server 1
13. Repeat the step 1 to 12 to server 2 to 100 odd

As seen above, i have converted the task to a batch file on most of
them. Just need the resting doing it
please advice on how to progress