From: Wayne-I-M on
This really isn't what autonumbers are for. The only thing they do is to
provide a unique set of data - eg. so you can identify a record, etc.

It is a BIG mistake to use them for anything other than as a unique reference.

I suppose if you really wanted to you could just create a record then copy
it and paste append.
Then copy the 2 records and paste append
then the 4 records etc etc etc until you have 19999 records

but this is just silly

Why not not just add a number field to your table add 19999 into it and then
auto incremet this field (use a max lookup +1). Much better.

Manchester, England.

"blake7" wrote:

> Hi All, I would like to know if it is possible to renumber an auto number
> field, I know this is scoffed upon and goes against the principals of
> database management, but i would really like to know if it can be done. I am
> currently using data imported from an excel sheet which my company uses for a
> tracking system, I intend to start a fresh table when I have finished writing
> and testing the database so would like this new table to start at a number
> beyond the current excel sheet.
> What is the easiest way to start the new table at 20000
> Thanks