From: Butchy moyer on
1 fifth of Four Queens {101 proof}
8 oz of good Honey
12 oz spicy gingerale {A-Treat}
1 mmed Orange {rindonly}
1 1/2 stick of cinnamon
1 heaping teaspoon of caraway seeds
7 to 8 hole all spice In a heavey 2 Qt dutch oven pot pour gingerale
, orange rind , cinnamon, caraway, & all spice bring to a boil, & let simmer
for 8 to 10 min's . stirring frequently. and then add 8 oq of honey,
stirring carefully or this mixture will clump up cook for 3
to 5 min's.while still simmering slowly add four Queens whiskey cover
quickly , do not remove lid let simmer for 5 min's on low simmer. re move
from stove immediately poor in to empty bottle s and or thermos putting the
rind's and all spice and cinnamon stick's in each ,.tighten bottle's
quickley and or have a few shot's , and the close bottles can be stored for
up to a year if closed tightly,. drink cold, or warm.
to warm up put in a shot glass or coffee cup and microwave four 8 to 10
seconds,. ENJOY :-) Love Your Grandson ,.