From: Robbie Hatley on

"Virus Guy" gushed:

> We can't have people running around with a floppy, booting various
> NT-based windoze PC's in corporate, military or gov't settings and
> having direct file access now can we? What's that you ask? What about
> home and soho users? Who cares about them - they'll use what we give
> them because we're the only game in town. And they'll learn to like it,
> and they'll even claim it's good for them.

Oh, brother. Yet another lengthy, emotional paragraph filled with
nothing but BS from start to finish. If you're going to use satire,
at least use it to reveal some deeper truth, not just to exercise
your personal grudges.

If one really wanted to tap into a Windows computer, even if turned
off, and with an impossible-to-guess Windows password, one could do
so, and easily. No, I'm not going to tell you how. I'd prefer you
not know. But I will not refrain from pointing out the fact that
everything in the paragraph I quote above is false.

Robbie Hatley
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