From: Wayne Brownlee on
She has a birthday on the 18th. It will be used for using Word for reports,
email and internet.

From: William R. Walsh on

> Why no parts?  Are laptops at the point of microwaves?

Some certainly are. It depends a lot on what you buy. Some
manufacturers also support their products much better, and keep
inventories of parts on hand. Sometimes mere mortals can even buy
these parts, and at a not-altogether-indecent price! (What a concept!)

> Also, why don't see Gateway, Acer, Sony and Panasonic?

I see plenty of Gateway and Acer systems here. Maybe it's a
geographical thing?

Sony laptops are generally $$$$$$ and/or have plenty of crapware
preinstalled. But it is probably the price that turns most people off
of them. They are generally of good hardware quality, however.

Panasonic plays in a different market entirely with their laptops,
such as the Toughbook (a laptop that you can abuse in all sorts of
entertaining ways without breaking it--police departments usually use
a lot of them).