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Bitwise is an Annual Algorithm Intensive Online Programming Contest,
organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kgp), one of the premier
institutes of technology in India. Bitwise has earned its position
over the years and the last edition held in Februrary 2009 saw 3000
participants from over 50 countries !

The contest will be held on the 14th February, 2010, for a period of
12 hours. Algorithm intensive programming problems will be put up on
our website and the participants would be expected to code their
solutions in C/C++, and submit them online. The solutions will be
evaluated at real time and the results will be communicated to the
participants. The contest presents a great way to showcase your
individual talent at an international scale and benchmark against the
best in the world. At the same time, solving the challenging problems
is a lot of fun! And the cash incentives are definitely attractive!

Registration for the event is now on. You can register for the event
at our website.

You can also participate in Enigma, our unique online quiz, an
integral part of Bitwise since 2007, which presents an impeccable set
of twisted questions designed to tantalize your brain. Enigma 2010, is
now on and presents Enigma in its new avatar at, .

We look forward to your participation in Bitwise 2010. Good luck!

Team Bitwise 2010