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>isaacc wrote:
>>I'm experiencing the weirdest problem that suddenly cropped up. Capital 'H'
>>has been re-assigned such that it switches to Windows Explorer if an instance
>>of Windows Explorer is open. I'll be typing in Word for example and suddenly
>>I switch to Windows Explorer but it happens whiule using any application. It
>>is most annoying to have to remember always whether I have an instance of
>>Windows Explorer open.
>>Where would I look to see if a keyboard letter has been re-assigned by some
>>malicious app for example. I looked in the Control Panel but I don't see
>>where individual key assignments can be made.
>It is very unlikely but you can always check it out by reformatting your
>HD and re-installing the OS from scratch. This ensures there is no
>malware and if everything works as it should then no complain otherwise
>faulty keyboard! This is called systematic approach to problem solving
>rather than doing it on trial and error basis using Pig-Bear's approach
>who will ask you to scan your system with almost all the anti-virus
>programs and anti-spyware .programs. You can look at his solutions on
>these newsgroups.

Oddly enough I have the same problem on my older computer. I have
both Win98se and Win2000pro installed (dual booting). In my case the
letter "t" does it. I can be typing in ANY program, (notepad, my
email program, on this Agent newsgroup software, in Wordpad, in
ANYTHING.....) About one out of every 20 times I hit the letter "t"
(lowercase), and the START button menu pops up. If I'm typing a word
followed by the letter "h", then the help menu pops up. Or any other
letter that brings up an option on the start button.

This happend in BOTH Win98 and Win2000, so it's not the operating
system. I tried a different keyboard (actually 2 of them), and it
still happens. I am suspecting a problem in the hardware. However, I
have booted to dos and not seen this happen, but in dos the letter "t"
dont do anything. I was thinking of booting to dos and making a file
t.bat batch file and see if it activates that file. (which will just
be a text file). I also considered doing a fresh install of one of
those OS's on a spare harddrive, but I really do not thing it's in the

I'd appreciate anyone else who has had something similar.