From: RobertB on
On May 16, 5:15 pm, I wrote:

> As of today, Sunday, May 16, the Fremont Hotel
> & Casino (to east of the Plaza Hotel) and the Main St.
> Station Hotel, Casino, & Brewery (to the north of the Plaza
> Hotel) are offering a fantastic deal on

Just a week to go to get the special CommVEx rate
at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, the venue for the
July 24-25 CommVEx. The rates are $49 per night
Friday and Saturday, and $29 for Sunday night
(all prices not including room tax). Call the
Central Reservations Department at 1 800 634-6575
and say that you are reserving under the group name,
“CommVEx”, or go to

If you don't want to go through Plaza Hotel
reservations, you can go to the above mentioned (or the parent company, ), and book the hotel. For
example, today guest Michael Battilana of Cloanto
Software, makers of Amiga Forever/Commodore Forever,
booked his reservation through Expedia and got the
following Plaza Hotel prices --

Standard room
Room rate 7/24 39.33
Room rate 7/25 28.93
Taxes & service fees 4.18 per night

Total room cost 76.62

CommVEx organizer,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
July 24-25 Commodore Vegas Expo 2010 -
and click on ComVEX