From: Champa on

I am working on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC.
I am trying to build a Browser Helper Object ( BHO ) which retrieves
me the Html page of a particular url.

I have tried eith IPIEHTMLDocument Interface and not able to retrieve
the page but i am able to retrieve the other details of the page and
not the entire page.

So i tried another approach and that is IPersistStreamInit Interface,
which tells me that it can load the entire document as shown below.
CComQIPtr<IWebBrowser2, &__uuidof(IWebBrowser2)> m_spWebBrowser2;
CComQIPtr<IPersistStreamInit> pPersistStreamInit;
CComPtr<IDispatch> spDispDoc;

hr = m_spWebBrowser2->get_Document(&spDispDoc);
hr = spDispDoc->QueryInterface(
__uuidof(IID_IPersistStreamInit ),

if( SUCCEEDED( hr ) )
hr = pPersistStreamInit->InitNew();
if( SUCCEEDED( hr ) )

hr = pPersistStreamInit->Load( pStream );
if( SUCCEEDED( hr ))
void *pVoid;
ULONG count;
//pStream->Read( pVoid, 50, hogolo );
pStream->Read( pVoid, 100, &count);

Till it reaches line A,
It works..At that point Query Interface fails...And says there is no
support for this interface and no GUID associated with this ATL class

Can anyone help me out or tell me an alternative to solve this