From: Patrice Dargenton on
Hello, I have a bug only is release mode outside IDE : in fact, if the debug
symbols are not set, the bug occurs :


But if the debug symbols are set, the bug does not occur :


The bug is : "Object Invalid or No Longer Set"
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A0D5C):
at dao.Recordset.Close()

I tried to put the close statement in a try/catch bloc, and I tried also to
check IsNothing, but without success.

The bug occurs only if I try to read at least one value of my dao recordset:
Dim myVal% = CInt(myDaoRecorset.Fields("myField").Value)
(if I just travel the recordset without reading values, the bug does not

Within the IDE there is no bug, in release or debug mode.

Does anyone has an solution ?
Patrice Dargenton