From: doppiacoppia on
Hi all, i need a hint about how to run visual foxpro script from a c#
application using OledbCommand and "execscript" function.
Here's my problem: i've got an application built in visual foxpro, which
uses free tables ".DBF" files.
I need to read rows from these tables and put them in other ".DBF" files
which are stored in another location.
I must read these "dbf" tables when the main foxpro application is running,
but when i do this, I receive an error "cannot open file TABLENAME"
(tablename stands for the name of the table which i'm trying to read) because
it's busy.
Thus, i was wondering if there's a way to do this through a visual foxpro
script, telling to open a table in read only mode or shared mode...i don't
is it clear? (i hope so... )

thanks to all of you for any hint you'll give!

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