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"Tom Lake" <tlake(a)> wrote:

> > Using an iPone isn't considered cool outside a small nerd community.
> > Those people who have no clue don't care and those who have a clue
> > <evil> see only an overpriced gadget compensating underrated
> > self-respect. </evil>
> Around here (Northern New York State) a kid is nobody until (s)he has
> an iPhone. There's even a hierarchy among those who do, where the
> students with the newer models are "cooler".

It seems over here only women have the latest model, the 3GS. All the
men bought a 3G.

I bought my 3G earlier this year, so I can't justify spending a lot of
money again just to have a virtual compass.

Etienne von Wettingfeld [Mac OS X Snow Leopard]
From: J. Robertson on
On Sat, 19 Sep 2009 14:07:46 -0400, "Garberstreet Electronics"
<willy46pa(a)> wrote:

>What I don't understand is, why can't we just use
>them all, and appreciate each for what it is/isn't,
>since they are going to continue to be what they
>are unto the end of time, right? :-)))

Heh, yeah. :-) Although, one could think of it as recreating the wars
of yesteryear for nostalgic reasons. ;-)

Sometimes though if you push aside all the insults and other
distractions flamewars can be an interesting way of learning about the
other sides' computer.

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