From: MrBill on
hi, I have been able to work around problem in past.
where I have many columns: thru IL (of IV) 10 cols left.

I have been able to insert columns with as little as 5 cols left.
1 trick I used was to increase the column width of the empty columns to the

this seemed to allow space for adding/ inserting cols.
I cannot seem to delete a single, or multiple empty columns, to simulate the
same thing.

is there a way to zero some setting out. had col at width 250, 255 worked,
20 does not. reduce 1 col to smallest 180 seems to work. a second col to
250 does not. - deleting 180 col does not work.

changing the last 10 columns in use to: 100 seems to allow to insert a
column, but now I am stuck with a mess at the end of my sheet.

Is there some terminator or setting that needs to be fixed?