From: Canyon Matt on
Hey gang,

I was wondering if anyone had a good way to transfer files from a CBM
formatted disk to a CP/M formatted disk. I have downloaded some CP/M
software off the net have gotten it all put onto a 1581 disk, but in
CBM format. I would like to transfer them from the 81 to a CP/M disk
on my 71. I tried Little Red Reader, but that seemed a no go. I also
tried CrossLink, but it requires an 80 col screen and I am currently
stuck in 40 col land. If anyone knows of a good CBM utility, or even
an Amiga program that can write CP/M Disks, please let me know.


From: BruceMcF on
On Feb 24, 4:27 am, Peter Dassow <z8...(a)> wrote:
> If you have a C64, plz take a look also at

Yes, I've looked at that now and again and toyed with implementing a
Forth-94 for it.
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