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I'm working on a system built around an AOpen motherboard with an AMD
CPU & an LG CDRW drive. It has 1.2GB RAM and WinXP Pro w/SP3.

The problem is with the CDRW drive. Boot the system, put a disk in the
drive and it will auto-play. Remove the first disk and put in another
disk - any disk - and the drive will not auto-play the second disk.
Double clicking on the CD icon in My Computer will bring up a dialog box
asking which program to use to run the disk. The disk label displayed
in My Computer continues to read as the label for the first disk, and
won't change with a View-Refresh. I can explore the second disk and see
what's on it.

I've tried 2 drives, both with the same results. The cables and jumpers
are correct. I've performed an upgrade from Win98SE, and a fresh
install on a new hard drive, same results.

Since this is for my less than tech-savvy brother & his family, I can't
send it out this way.

Any thoughts??


ETA: If I reboot the system, the CD drive will behave properly - for
the first disk. Then it's back to not recognizing the second disk.

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