From: Sam Wormley on
On 3/31/10 9:13 AM, Magnetic wrote:
> Wait a little.
> The time needed to grow is from 1000 seconds to 1000 days.
> The Earth can already be pregnant now.


What bullshit!
From: Vladimir Vassilevsky on

default wrote:

> Most of the religiously afflicted have to set a
> firm date - within their prophet's lifetime for the prophet to reap
> the respect and power he craves. So we have lots of magic dates where
> the world should have ended. When the planet outlives its expiration
> date, the prophet loses stature.

Experience shows that in the cases like that profets don't loose their
face. What usually happens after the grandiose prediction failure is the
overturn of the tactics. Small groups start active recruiting; big open
groups shrink into secret societies only for chosen ones, etc.

> Magnetic has given himself a 3 year respite. He could just as easily
> predicted 1,000 years.

An active idiot will find some different application. Fortunately,
active people are not very many, and active idiots, too.

Vladimir Vassilevsky
DSP and Mixed Signal Design Consultant