From: SbjCat on
Try deriving from CFrameWndEx and diddle the window styles in

PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)

"Pete" wrote:

> When I use a the new CFrameWndEx class as the frame in a pane in
> splitter window, the frame shows a title bar with rounded corners, and
> a little icon in the top left corner.
> This is not what I want - I'm just using it as a container to hold a
> toolbar and a view.
> If I use the older CFrameWnd class instead, the visual appearance is
> correct, but due to dependencies on the new MFC toolbar class, I want
> to use the new CFrameWndEx provided by the MFC feature pack.
> How do I make the CFrameWndEx not display a title bar in a splitter
> pane?