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as ever many thanks.
I was using it to book course start and end dates BUT to get the actual end
date I had to include a sum to minus 1 day:)

i.e. course starts 1 mar 2010 for 8 days show end on the 1o mar 2010 but
your calculation says 11 mar 2010.

Not a problem as sure a reason but many thanks :)

"Shane Devenshire" wrote:

> Hi,
> I neglected to mention, that if you are using 2003 or earlier this function
> is in the ATP, choose Tools, Add-ins, and check the Analysis ToolPak.
> By the way there is a third argument which allows you to specify holidays to
> exclude also.
> --
> If this helps, please click the Yes button
> Cheers,
> Shane Devenshire
> "Cutie" wrote:
> > How do I calculate 6 working days from any date. e.g. 5th January 2009 is my
> > starting date, what formula to I use to work out 6 days excluding weekend.
> > Thank you