From: Joe on
I have to refresh 2 cells when the workbook is opened. I have an On Error
surrounding my code that gets run. The err.Description is always empty yet
my error message box is being shown and my cells don't open.

Each of the two cells are named - pdate and fdate. They call a function
which is located in an addin.

I can manually update these by clicking F2 and pressing enter in each cell.

Any idea what to look at? Once person said that something else that depends
on these cells may be failing and the error just isn't being displayed.


From: Colbert Zhou [MSFT] on

When mentioning calculating cells, do you mean
1.Call a AddIn function and set the returned value to the range.Value, or
2.The cell's Range.Value2 is set to an UDF expression which is implemented
in another Addin?

Generally, we can call the Range.Calculate method to update the UDF value,

Best regards,
Ji Zhou
Microsoft Online Community Support