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On 2010-05-30, Arindam <arindam.p2(a)> wrote:
> "Hi,
> I am trying to to learn PERL, I am using it for an Automation Tool,
> Selenium RC. My target is to open google. If the operation is
> successful, I will open an existing excel sheet and write PASS, if it
> fails, It will write Fail. I have installed the required library. The
> code is as follows:-

[snipped a complete mess of irrelevance]

Please post a *minimal* example of the problem - refer to the posting
guidlines which are posted to the group very frequently.

Your problem is that your template object comes from
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, this module doesn't know how to create
anything, only read existing Excel files. You need to take information
obtained from your template and create a new Excel object using those
settings with Spreadsheet::WriteExcel. You then call the AddCell method
with this object.

For better answers to your questions please post according to the


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