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This helped me out as well, but may I also suggest trying to boot from the
Operating Systems Retail CD/DVD and performing a system restore. This
resolved my issue. Thanks again.

"Malke" wrote:

> Paul Kraemer wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a PC running Windows XP Pro SP3. This PC was originally part of a
> > Windows 2003 Server domain "OldDomain". When I got this PC, I was still
> > able to log to the PC in with domain credentials (username = "OldUser";
> > password = "OldPassword")
> >
> > My plan was to remove this PC from the domain and to put it into a
> > workgroup. I made this change and it worked just how I had hoped - the PC
> > was now able to share files with the small workgroup that I put it in.
> > Everything was great until I restarted the PC. Now, I am no longer able
> > to
> > log in with "OldUser" and "OldPassword". Can anyone tell me if there is
> > anything I can do? Unfortunately, I do not know any other account /
> > password combinations that work on the local computer.
> Aside from the fact that it would be smartest to do a clean install of
> Windows to remove any Group Policy settings that may be tattooed on the
> machine, you would need to know the Local Administrator password to get
> into the machine.
> Since you don't know that, you can use NTpasswd to change the Local
> Administrator password to a blank. Then log into that account and make new
> local user accounts, copy data from the old accounts, create new passwords,
> etc.
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