From: Kriz on
I had this happen to me also.

I had MSOff2k3 and Office2007 compatibility pack...i had the error when
installing MSAccessRT2k3..

I had to uninstall Office2007 Compatiblity Pack then Uninstall AccessRT and

That worked for me!

"Gyetko" wrote:

> I have a system which has both Office 2007 (including Access 2007) and
> Access 2003 Runtime installed on it. Every time I switch back and
> forth between using Access 2007 and the 2003 Runtime, it goes through
> a few installation/configuration steps. This is fine except that this
> last time I closed out of Access 2007 and tried to open an application
> using Access 2003 Runtime and it is now giving me an error. The error
> is:
> Error 2709. An internal error has occurred.
> (Global_PIA_OWC11)
> I've tried uninstalling, repairing, and re-installing all with no
> luck. It gives me this error and then ends the installation process.
> I've tried from the control panel and by running the msi.
> At first I could get into the application after clicking ok on the
> error message, but in my efforts to try to get it uninstalled, I can't
> even get into the application anymore. Does anyone have any
> suggestions or know what needs to be done to manually uninstall it?
> Thanks!