From: Rob on
Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Win32::Printer module to make my Perl program
capable of printing images (inline bitmaps and/or .bmp files). I've got
my code to the point of displaying the standard Windows "Print" dialog
box, but as soon as I click OK to print the image, I get the following

"FreeImage is not supported in this build!"

According to the Win32::Printer documentation, bitmap support requires
that FreeImage.dll be "somewhere in your system path", so I downloaded
it from and tried it in
several directories on my path. Still no joy.

BTW, I'm running ActivePerl in Windows XP, and I installed
Win32::Printer using ppm. Any ideas on how to get FreeImage supported?
Is there a better way to print bitmaps with Perl?

Thanks in advance,