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Hi John,
I'm also interested in tips for the Canoscan 8800F. Also have
Photoshop 7 which is so mind boggling I'll have to check that forum to
even get started.
So far to keep scanning 35mm colour slides or B/W negatives as
simple as possible my advice would be to select "custom" when installing
the software and tick only the first two options on the left of the
panel which presents itself. 1 - Scanner Driver 2- MP Navigator.
You can do everything with just those two including any other
size film or document either colour or black and white.
MP Navigator does 35mm strips a treat provided the gap between
pictures is aligned with the marks on the carrier. Occasionally it may
not "see" all the photos on a strip either because gaps are not
perfectly spaced or photo exposure is way out. You may do dozens of
scans quite happily with MP Navigator before you hit a problem and
realise it has skipped one or two photos. Now that is when you tick the
box to engage the services of the Scanner Driver!
When you do so go straight to "advanced" mode and tell it you
are doing "35mm", "monochrome negatives" and want "4800dpi" resolution
or whatever to describes your format. It will run a "pre-scan" and
present the photos it "sees" in boxes, Now click the little icon at the
top left of the panel and hey presto it presents what you really need to
help - the slide carrier itself with every photo highlighted by broken
white lines! In between there will be the photos it missed seeing.
Important! - now use your keyboard and press "delete". Only one flashing
broken white highlight is then left. Use your mouse to drag that to each
of the missed photos in turn and complete the missing scans one at a
time. Note you can adjust the exposure setting before each scan if you
need to. ( there are four options there to enable this, confusing!
Simplest 2 are light/contrast or hysteresis-line/adjust.
Since it is now May and John your first post was in Jan, so you
are streets ahead of me by now. Just posted these tips in case any
beginner is looking on how to get started.
John;928121 Wrote:
> For anyone who has the CanoScan 8800F I just wondered what settings
> you use, or find best for scanning photos (prints) and which software
> do you use that came with this scanner?
> Did you install Silverfast as a standalone application or as a Twain
> device plugin for Photoshop Elements?
> I'd ideally like to get mine set up to just scan multiple 6x4 prints
> in one go, with one touch of a button and also have it do some
> hardware dust and scratch removal at the same time.
> Thanks for your advice,
> John

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