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So, has anyone turned out a programmed custom function for this type of
thing? Does there exist one in say... Access?

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>Hey guys.
> I want to make a sheet that has a cell in it where I use a barcode
>scanner to grab a barcode.
> What I want is for the cell to grab the barcode, and fire it off to a
>specific cell, empty the reader cell, and wait for the next barcode scan,
>which gets filled into the next cell below the previous fill location.
> barcode scanners already have no problem inputting the data. The
>problem is that the read barcode does not ever include a carriage return.
> Currently, I simply use cursor keys, and advance to the next cell
>manually after each read.
> Is there a "wait for entry" monitoring code of some sort that waits for
>entry into a cell, then begins a timeout, then fires the read data off to
>a certain cell? So even if I type into the cell, it starts the timeout
>period, and after that expires, it takes the data, whatever it is, and
>dispatches it to a certain cell other than the capture cell.
> Please tell me that this is a fairly easy code segment that someone has
>already churned out.