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I'm afraid you missed the requirement of selecting multiple countries.

Microsoft Access MVP

> Check out Option Groups in Access Help.
> It allows you to group those 5 check boxes into a group, where
>only one check box can be selected at a time, and gives each selection a
>different numeric value. For ex. [optCountry].
> The query can then determine that IF optCountry = 1 then it's "USA,"
>or IF optCountry = 4 it's "Canada" etc...
> BUT...
> Now that will work... but it's clumsy... in that the query must
>(using IFs) 5 numeric values to a textual equivalent. What happens when you
>have 6 countries? 8 countries?
> Each time you'll have to re-"IF" the query for the added numeric values.
> I would suggest a combo box instead, (ex. cboCountry) with a Value List
>all the countries as the RowSource. Then the query can take the combo value
>directly in it's
>SQL statement.
> Country = Forms!SomeFormName!cboCountry
> If another country is added... just add it to the combo's Value List,
>and that's it...
>nothing else to do.