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Then you have to query the database, you cannot avoid it.




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> "Bob Phillips" <bob.phillips(a)> wrote:
>> Igor,
>> Surely, you would just have a user table with passwords on the
>> database, and
>> check against that?
> I have creared users in the database. So i don't really want to query
> any tables but I want to check if a ceartain user with a provided
> password exists, ie is created in the mdb file.
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> IgorM

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You're going to have to query SOMETHING to find out if the user has access.
It makes more sense to query the database than to duplicate your data
somewhere else, and query that. That's the whole rationale behind relational
databases - reduced data duplication and less maintenance - You'll have to
update TWO databases rather than just one if you don't query the original

"IgorM" wrote:

> I know that this is one of the possibilities. But I was thinking about
> something more advanced.So I just want to know is such and such user has
> access to database, but I don't want to query any tables in the database to
> do this.
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> > Just try to run a simple select on the database using the credentials
> > supplied, and check any errors (if generated).
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> > Tim
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> > On Apr 7, 11:39 am, "IgorM" <ig...(a)> wrote:
> >> Hi
> >>
> >> I have a database in access mdb file. In Excel I created a userform where
> >> user inputs a username and password. What's the best way to check if the
> >> given credentials are correct - in VBA of course?
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> >> IgorM
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