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Aahz a �crit :
> In article <hoihgt$p6t$1(a)>, kj <> wrote:
>> What's the word on using "classes as namespaces"? E.g.
>> class _cfg(object):
>> spam = 1
>> jambon = 3
>> huevos = 2
>> breakfast = (_cfg.spam, _cfg.jambon, _cfg.huevos)
> There is one gotcha associated with using classes as namespaces: you have
> to be careful to avoid instantiating them. That goes triple if you
> modify the class attributes, because modifying an attribute in an
> instance does *not* propagate the change to the class.

This can be "solved" (using only classmethods and overriding
__setattr__), but then it begins to be a bit OOTP for a mostly simple