From: LHIM on
About 50% of the time when I insert a USB FD, the system make a noise (the
clunky sound when a USB device is inserted) but then doesn't recognize the
drive. If I pursue troubleshooting I get the "an instance of the device
driver is already in memory" (Code 38). I am using WinXP Prof SP3.

I ALWAYS remove a USB FD by using the eject process. And the problem can
occur with any of several FDs or my external DVD burner.

Further pursuit leads to "reboot your system". Even the KB for this suggests the same fix.

I don't know about everyone else, but isn't it ridiculous to reboot for this
issue? We all have better things to do than wait 1-2 minutes for a reboot -
it sort of defeats the PnP functionality promise of USB...

Finally, don't say to upgrade to Win7 as I have seen the same issue posted
under that OS as well.

Is there anything else fix-wise that will avoid this issue? I am pretty