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Glad to be of help. Just one other point since this facility is new to
you. If you actually want to include the ampersand character in a
label like 'Fish & Chips' for example, you need to double up the
ampersand so that it becomes 'Fish && Chips'.

Also, with regards to the check boxes, your users may or may not know
that if a Check box has the focus you can just press the SPACE BAR to
toggle the Check box.

Peter Hibbs.

On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 23:37:01 -0700, Rose B
<RoseB(a)> wrote:

>Peter, as ever.... you are BRILLIANT!!! I had looked at just about every
>property of the form and of the checkbox.... but hadn't thought of looking at
>the label! Never come across this before - another one for my tool box.
>"Peter Hibbs" wrote:
>> Rose,
>> I believe you are describing the built-in short cut facilities of
>> Access (and every other Windows program for that matter) where the ALT
>> key can be used as a short-cut operation.
>> To create a short cut for a control (usually a button) you just
>> precede the relevant letter in the label with the ampersand character.
>> So if you have a button (or Check box) which has the caption (or
>> attached label) showing as, say, Print, if you insert the ampersand
>> character before the caption text so that it now shows &Print the
>> letter P will be underlined and when the user presses ALT + P the code
>> attached to the button will be executed.
>> If your extra Check box has a label you can just insert the ampersand
>> before a letter in the label (that has not been used elsewhere on the
>> form) and then pressing the ALT key plus the letter will toggle the
>> Check box.
>> Does that fix the problem?
>> Peter Hibbs.
>> On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 12:00:01 -0700, Rose B
>> <RoseB(a)> wrote:
>> >mdb - I have full access to the design of the form, and have also searched
>> >through the VBA code
>> >
>> >"Beetle" wrote:
>> >
>> >> If you look at the file extension for the application in question,
>> >> is it .mdb or .mde?
>> >> --
>> >> _________
>> >>
>> >> Sean Bailey
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> "Rose B" wrote:
>> >>
>> >> > I have an Access application that was written by someone else (in Access
>> >> > 2003) which has a form with various checkboxes on. The checkboxes can be set
>> >> > to true/false by using some shortcuts - for example Alt + P. The user wants a
>> >> > new checkbox to be added, with a new shortcut to toggle the setting. The
>> >> > problem I have is that I cannot see how the shortcut actions have been done!
>> >> > I can find no customised ribbons, VBA attached to the form and/or controls on
>> >> > the form, macros etc. etc.
>> >> >
>> >> > Can anyone help????
>> .